The Agri Arts Activator is a mobile space that we are building to travel through the regions. We will use the space to run workshops, hold events and open it to others to use. 

We have built a mini model of the space (see below) to give you a sense of what it will look like. Watch this space to see our model maker Madeleine Griffith  bring the model to life as we will document the behind the scenes process and keep you updated!

In 2018 we will run a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to build the full scale version. Stay tuned to Rural Room on Facebook for updates.

Marius Foley is the lead of the AgriArts Activator project. Together with a range of designers and performance people we are designing a series of workshops to draw out local stories and talent in the regions we land in.

From young people in schools, to farmers and farm workers; from townspeople and bush folk to those who travel through; from teenagers to the elderly – we know there is a wealth of ideas that are often untapped. However, it's not just a matter of bringing the stories, ideas and talent come to the surface. The real purpose is to activate them - to bring them to life in what ever way necessary.

Imagine what might emerge.