I am self-taught photographer who loves to capture my family's life on our sheep and cattle property in Outback Qld. Photography has been a passion for as long as I can remember and capturing the beauty in the everyday, whatever the season, is a constant goal of mine. Overtime, my photography business has evolved to include photographing rural families in their environment, commercial and event photography.

I am passionate about capturing and sharing the positive vibes, stories and communities of rural Australia. I have collaborated with Kirstie Davison of MaRiKi Media to document the memories of our community members before these stories are lost forever. We have such unique, authentic, down to earth characters in the bush and to capture these stories is a privilege.

My passion for our small community has also extended to utilising social media to create an Instagram account to collect images from community members of which these have then been printed and installed as stickers on the front of empty shop windows. These images show why locals love to live where they live, what they do for work and play, and the unique sights we have to offer. The outcome was hoped to create community pride, the result of which has exceeded our expectations, and to showcase our region to tourists and visitors. We hope to achieve being a small part in the big picture of bridging the gap between city and country. I am very excited about being part of the Rural Room Media Stringers Team and cannot wait to see where the journey will lead to.