Abandoned Homes and Buildings

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By Helen Carpenter

Ever wondered about that old house set back off the road. The one you drive past every day, and over the years watched slowly decaying. With each storm something more gives way a piece of the roof, a part of the wall, a window.

  • Who lived there?

  • When was it built?

  • Why did they abandon it?

  • What did it look like?

  • What made them build there in that location?

In rural communities across Australia there are many of these beautiful old homesteads and buildings left standing abandoned. Trees and grass growing in places that it shouldn’t.

With their timber walls, the corrugated tin, the well for water, a kitchen and washroom separate to the main house. This was life in early Australia the bark hut on the creek bank. Early Settlers of our vast country, pioneers of farming and rural life, the Australian frontier.

In the valley in which I live there a a few of these amazing old homes and buildings, and I often wonder about the history and stories that go with these properties.  I have been lucky enough to gain permission to explore one such building which is now surrounded by grazing sheep and cropped farm land. I first visited the property over 2 years ago and took my first series of photos and late last year I went back to explore it again and to document the slow decay of history. 

I stand in ore each time a visit the homestead and out buildings, across the creek stands an old shearing shed. What was life like? The creek is a seasonal creek so how did they get water year-round? How deep was the well? Did they have children? How many? What happened to them? Do any still live in the area? How do they feel when they see the old place now?

Each time more and more questions come to mind. If only the walls could talk.

I have googled and searched the web, not able to find much information on the old building and farm. I’ve turned to the current owners, they have been somewhat helpful with information but I still have questions and seek answers. I keep researching and talking to older residents, hoping to fill the gaps. I’m intrigued. I love exploring and learning the history of these old buildings and the history that goes with the local area.

The old building I’m talking about sits on the banks of the Native Dog Creek, in the Warraderry Valley, at the base of the Warumba Range, set back off the road, built in the late 1800’s early 1900’s.  Some say it was a Cobb & Co out station, but that’s to be confirmed the old Shearing shed that sits across the across the creek, history is a little clearer it was a Depot Shed, a central shearing shed where the surrounding farmers bought their sheep to be shorn. 

Do you have an old homestead or abandoned building near you, what’s it’s history, ever wondered?

Why not ask the owners if you can explore it, take some photos and share some history before it’s lost forever?  We’d love to hear from you. Tag #ruralroomabandonedhomesandbuildings #storiesfromthesticks to share the story of an abandoned home or building near you. Don’t forget to include general location, age if known and some history.

Helen Carpenter

Helen Carpenter