Party tips and tricks in the sticks!



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These tricks and tips are thanks to professional party planner Caroline House (right) the Southern Dirt Young Farmer Coordinator

First up you need to be SURE to stock up the fridge with some re-hydrating beverages for the hangover marathon BEFORE the party as shops will be shut in the sticks around the festive season. I recommend a purple Powerade.

Images above: @longgrassstyle

Now you're ready to write yourself off so fill up the esky with tonnes of ice and brewskies - not just Emu Export and VB's Christmas...treat yourself!

Usually eating is cheating, but a buffet lunch is a rarity in the country so it's acceptable at Christmas to eat 5x your body weight, so dig in (and don't forget to leave room for dessert)!

Speaking of dessert jelly shots are a must. Just don't let your little cuz have too many...

Send Santa a hand drawn map - he wont get signal to use the old google maps on his iphone in our parts.

Hopefully you've got some backyard outdoor activities planned for the afternoon. Making everything into a drinking game is easy. For example backyard cricket - one drink for every no ball, 2 drinks for every run and 3 for a wicket HOWZATTTT!

It's essential to have games planned or you'll wind up spending the whole time talking to Aunty Barb about why you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend because the dating pool in the bush is pretty limited.

Always have your phone at the ready. Someone's gonna do something dumb and you want to capture it. Uncle Bill is gonna get emotional singing Kah Sahn and your mum is going to have a laughing fit (seeing as she hasn't had more then two drinks since last Christmas). Snap chat it. Save it. And replay it tomorrow!

Don't be afraid to power nap. It's allowed. Even in your 20s. But don't sleep for longer then 20mins or that's it for the day.

The next morning be sure to have what is known as a 'truth circle' where all the hungover bodies from the party sit around in their most vulnerable state and tell stories that they usually wouldn't...guaranteed to entertain!

Drink your Powerade. Eat some leftovers. And put on The Castle or a similar feel good movie to get you through the day!