pet promise day

BY kate rutter, new south wales-BASED MEDIA STRINGER


Today is Pet Promise Day, which is a day dedicated to creating awareness about pet ownership responsibilities. A number of pets are surrendered and euthanised every year due to lack of education regarding what it takes to care for and own a pet. The Pet Promise idea, for a pet owner, is like vowing to care for your pet as a member of the family for as long as the pet shall live.  

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Baby animals are very cute and look so innocent but as they grow, they start to learn. Pets are like children; they require love, attention and guidance during their lifetime, otherwise behavioural issues and habits can form.

I was previously a Vet Nurse and I found it despairing to witness an animal being surrendered. They’re often scared, very fond of their owner and oblivious to what has taken place. It’s so crucial that owners carefully consider which pet best suits them and their lifestyle to prevent ‘disposable’ pets.

My Vet Nursing colleague Rebecca (Bec) deserves particular recognition as she has saved hundreds of lives during her career by re-homing surrendered animals. Her passion for animals and her gift of the gab combine beautifully and she never gives up until she’s found the perfect forever home for abandoned pets. 

Through Bec, my family adopted a surrendered dog called Effie, a Great Dane X breed that grew up alone with minimal attention in a small residential backyard. Due to intense boredom Effie totally demolished the garden and anything else she could find. With us, she now has many acres to run free and she thrives off our attention, although she can be a handful at times! With a happy but boisterous nature, we love her so much and we’re aware that our ownership responsibilities include keeping her healthy, preventing her from being a nuisance to our neighbours and making sure visitors are safe.


It’s important to consider the below things before you commit to a pet to ensure they can be supported to live a happy, healthy life:



-Vet visits for vaccines

-De-sexing, this is a very responsible and important part of animal ownership. It helps avoid Health problems, multiple pregnancies and roaming.


-Health of the animal

-Care and grooming

-Environment and yard size

-Breed and characteristics associated with different breeds

-Your schedule and available time

-Your living arrangements

-Their exercise requirements

On returning home, a wagging tail or recognition from a family pet who has missed you dearly is something any animal owner cherishes. There is something just so genuine and loving in an animal.

As a pet owner, today and every other day, I promise to provide a loving forever home to Effie.