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We have been blown away by how many comments, emails and private messages you have all contributed- we are so grateful that you have taken the time to watch and to participate.  To celebrate 30 days since we launched Rain Dance online we have pulled together 30 pieces of feedback and ideas from all our different platforms for you to view in one place. We want to hear from your perspective- what is your favourite contribution from the below 30? Simply write the number in the form (see instructions below) and the person that gets the most votes will win a beautiful Farmers Wife Handpicked Hamper. We will also randomly award another hamper to a voter, so make sure you have your say and vote to win one of these:




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1. Judith Artist

Luck is when you spend part of your part of you life, in a rural community! I spent the WW2 years, in Bruce Rock Western Australia. Back then, it was the heart of the WA wheat belt and social and sporting life was big. The farms were small and not the size you see today, hence the large community. We didn't have a swimming pool then, but a swim in a dam, or a trip to Ardath Lake

As we get older, those childhood memories flash back and are so good, do you remember, the enamel basins on top of wooden stoves, with Scalded Cream, in the morning, to have with breakfast?

2. Roy Hodder

This is what Australia is about my grand parents were pioneers of blackall qld was there recently and was disappointed at the way the town is going backwards.

3. Jenene Weight 

The stories and character of some of these amazing older ladies involved in their local CWA would bring so much to the film. Love love listening to their banter

4. Noelene Pascoe

Why don't you have a rain dance or ball and invite all country towns to help?

5. Sharna Nice

Cameron this would be a cool tv series!

6. Mark A Giles

A rain dance poem:


If I do a dance
that calls down the rain
would it bring my land back
to green once again
I run cattle and sheep
and they live on grass
but the rivers run dry
as the clouds just pass
but if I learn to dance
I can call down the rain
then my land will be fertile
and green once again


8. Soph Brockway - Jake Putland

Soph Brockway: next McLeod’s ahha!

Jake Putland: Keen!

Soph Brockway: I’ll bring popcorn

Soph Brockway > Jake Putland: you and the boys could be cast as a hooligans from the next town ahah!

9. Harry McIntyre

I definitely should be a special guest.

10. Pam Schiller

Fabulous, you guys have hit the nail on the head, with rain dance and real people, so looking forward to the start - and Mother Nature the mole -lol! In a hard way she takes care of her country by giving it a rest as bad as that is for everybody, and the devastation, and the cost of life and finance, a harsh country but the joy when the rains come is abounding!

11. Emily Morgan

Love it. I've watched it a few times now. Without even trying he (Marshie) is great talent!

12. Peter Cullen

Remember shearin with the old man bloody hard work, throwing a fleece, pressing bales, gathering the skirts and more. Plus the odd four pronged fishing lure hidden within a blue bellied yow's crimps ripping deep into a bit of human leg muscle while a sheep was being dragged before the handpiece from the pen or manoeuvred about while systematically applying the various shearing blows.

13. Claire Kent

I'm so excited for you with this production. I wish I could act... but it's a fair hike from rural victoria and who would cook, clean, water and tend to the stock, fence, wash, look after the kids??? Lol. I wish you all the best!!

14. Cherie Grant

Please feel free to advertise on Melbourne Screenwriter's Network. Who knows, there might be someone from the bush that wants to be involved and not everyone is just a writer.

15. Anne Bush

Has anyone chatted to those from Ouyen Vic.who performed a rain dance a few years ago. The ladies came from far and wide on bus, train and plane to join us. A day etched into our hearts.

16. Kylie Ann Bailye

Salmon Gums experienced a horrible drought. We had to destock the whole property and have just got our sheep numbers up to start earning money again. Looking forward to this story. Don’t forget to include the early morning starts at the water station where all sorts of machinery towing water containers would patiently line up and wait for their turn at the pump. And the truckies who had to cart the water in.

17. Victoria Nancarrow

Don’t forget your local Country Women’s Association, ICPA, RFDS, Rotary they may not sound glamorous but without them many communities wouldn’t exist. Shared into our sport Shearing page good luck sounds like a great project. Anyway I can help- I think this long overdue project...another great couple in the Shearing Industry is Deb and Noel Lawrence from Top Gun Shearing Supplies in Malaga and don’t forget AWI and the Indigenous Land Corporation they support education and they have many properties achieving great outcomes.

18. Sammy Smith

This production is so close to my heart as someone who spent their first years on a sheep and wheat farm in South Australia. Fond memories of playing around in the wool sheds, riding motorbikes and it’s where I first learned to cook with my Mum.

19. Dot Touzell

Maybe Red Cross Jamberoo could run with this, any avenue to promote the workers and relevant Australian life in particular the way our farming families support our country. Let’s hope it gets Australia wide viewing!

20. Chris O'Connor

You’ll need Kiwi shearer’s if you want it authentic.


21. Bob Pacey

so long as it is not just another soapie!

22. Josephine Vale

My brother is still shearing up at Watheroo. And I still have all the staff books from 12 years back now. I'll follow this and see who comes out of the woodwork (or wool room!)

23. Shez Fordham

Sounds like it could be a great text for studying input digital texts unit! Looking forward to it!

24. Bob Bleiker

Not a lot different to life in rural America west!

25. Brad Turner

Gave us some great ideas about talent from the Pilbara and some great insights into his life up there.

26. Susan Foster

Recommended we get in touch with Poornarti Aboriginal Tours to discuss the Indigenous representation.

27. Zoe Carter

Emailed us to say she wants to be involved in this project to try to encourage as many young people as possible to join in and get involved in Agriculture in Australia as she’s disappointed about the lack of youth representation and education in schools about the industry. She reckons Rain Dance will be a great way to encourage young people to study or join Ag.

28. Carly Sanford

Nominated her Dad for involvement as he left home to shear all over Australia and has been involved in all aspects of country life.

29. Daniel Chia 

17, is an emerging actor from the country who got in touch as he’s really keen to showcase his skills in the shed and have the opportunity to work in film.

30. Jess Lehmann

Is an advocate for Australian cotton farming and she reached out to be involved in Rain Dance as she’s passionate about regional Australia.

A big thank you to everyone who has made great suggestions, celebrated Rain Dance and shared the clip - we are close to hitting 100k views, all thanks to you!

This is your story and your overwhelming support has made us really excited about bringing Rain Dance to you in 2018.