Making media from the ground up...

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Rural and regional Australia is teeming with talented, innovative people and fascinating stories. 

IN 2018 We coordinated a crowd fund campaign and we were blown away by the generosity of our contributors!

Watch this space for all the behind the scenes action when we film and bring the series to life in 2019!

a shout out to all our backers:

Jules Ma

Julia Marron

Julian Foley

Justine Kacir

Kate Bingemann

Kate Brooks

Kate Powell

Kate Pullinger

Kate Rutter

Kathryn Fleay

Katrina Macmillan

Kes Heller

Kirstie Davison

Lauren Clarke

Lee-Anne Stewart

Libby Rose

Lisa Taylor

Liz Mclaughlan

Lizzie Castles

Lizzie Gray

Lorna Murray

Louise Groom

Lucy Hammond

Maggie Elliot

Marieka Andony

Mark Tippett

Mary Mac Smith

Matt Rudolph

Mediaxpress Pty Ltd

Michael Grimshaw

Murray Drage

Nadia Townsend

Nevesh Ramdhani

Nicole Clowes

Nikita Lee

Norman Repacholi

Olivia Thorn

Patrick Harris

Rebecca Bignell

Rebecca Marlow

Renee Flanagan

Rosemarie Stewart

Sallyanne Stewart

Sam Stubna

Sandie Hall

Sarah Shaw

Shelley Mitchell

Sigrid Piesse

Sophie Hattch

Stephen Bignell

Tiff Genders

Toby Chadd

Tom Moir

Yao ChenG

Adelaide Moses

Alexander Fisher

Allison Chan

Amelia Telford

Amy Hills

Amy Lumsden

Andrew Hurley

Andrew Mcguiness

Anisha Khopkar

Anna Hanson

Ash O'mahony

Ashlea Watkins

Bec Bignell

Bernadette Foley

Beth Gaze

Bonny Powell

Brianne Johnstone

Bridie Gaze


Cathy And Eric Wright

Chloe Morley

Christopher Eyres

Clare Leake

Crinkling News

Daisy Who Loves-A-Singalong Bahen

David Bignell

Dayna Davey

Deb Van Der Rijt

Elsa Hunt

Emma Frazer

Emma Irvine

Emma Richards

Emmie Del Borrello

Erica Hughes

Erwin Renaldi

Fiona Lesage

Gabrielle leake

Gemma Cowan

Grace Feng

Grace Rouvray

Helen BignelL

Helen Carpenter Photography

Holly Lillico

Indiah Harburn

Jacqui Faulkner

Jacqui Ives

James Martin

Jane DeSylva

Janine Googan

Jenna Lester

Jennifer Pooley

Jess Cole

Jessica Douglas

Jessica James


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