'RAIN DANCE 2018' is a web series about a resilient shearing team and a despairing remote community. There are a lot of compelling stories out in the Australian bush and charismatic real, people to tell them. In Rain Dance we meet some of these heroes.

This is a hybrid web series – the storyline is fictional but many of the character roles will be played by real people from the sticks who bring their unique selves to the film. No Hollywood airbrushing- just an authentic Australian story, with raw landscape and characters.

We’re sharing this small clip with you to demonstrate three things:

1. Share that ‘Rain Dance’ will be filmed in regional Australia with a team of people who are strongly connected to the bush, people who genuinely understand and experience what life is like “outside the concrete jungle”.

2. Introduce a shearing team and people from regional WA to show the different people, faces, eyes and lives that are so interesting and so inspiring within regional Australia. These people have a stories to tell that are worth listening to. ‘Rain Dance’ aspires to embody raw depth by ensuring that select lead roles will be played by regional people- incredible storytellers with no formal performance training but so much heart.

3. Give a very quick taste of the Rain Dance themes and ideas through a snapshot of the storyline at the very end of the clip. The narrative converges traditional story structure with digital user generated input by infusing genuine themes and ideas dominant in the 'Rural Room' digital community.

This is YOUR opportunity to reach out and register for involvement in the project! We will be coordinating self-test auditions through 'Rural Room' in March 2018 so please send us an email to gday@ruralroom.com with a photo and a small paragraph explaining where you’re from, who you are and why you would like to be involved.

Please feel free to drop us a note or post on the 'Rural Room' Facebook page if you have any ideas, imagery, or suggestions that you would like included- this is your film so speak up and let us know so we can consider for inclusion. Also, dob in your mates if you think they’ve got star quality but might be too shy to put themselves forward! We’ve got another video coming in December that will explain more about where we are filming and how you can be involved so stay tuned and PLEASE SHARE!


Celeste Clabburn as  Paul

Celeste Clabburn as Paul

Bec Bignell as  George

Bec Bignell as George


Director, Nadia Townsend
Producers, Bec Bignell & Nadia Townsend
Director of Photography, Patrick Harris
Writer, Bec Bignell
Sound Recordist & Boom operator, Ben Ohayon
Editor, Patrick Harris
Production Assistants, SallyAnne Stewart & James Martin


Brendon Boyle, Shearer
Damian Boyle, Shearer
Gavin Read, Shearer
Nigel Read Shearer
Tom Read, Shearer
James Read, Shearer
Danielle Maugher, Shearer/Rouseabout
Jody Lillyman, Rouseabout
Shane Marsh, Presser
Ian 'Squid' Meyer, Classer
Merle & Keith Bignell
Ned Capper
Helen and Paul Bignell


Original music by Ben Hauptmann
"Drive" - The Sunny Cowgirls, Written by C Clabburn