In this day and digital age, we often take information for granted, we can Google, search and swipe. But what about all the gems of knowledge that are hidden in our heads that we should hand down?

Kate Rutter

Kate Rutter

Those nuggets of gold that we may not realise we possess or that we may not know to share. So much valuable wisdom that isn’t available on the Internet - unique tips and tricks that have been passed through generations, hand written notes and recipes that may go undiscovered, household rituals and hacks that could carry so much value to people none the wiser. This interactive media project created by Kate Rutter, honours and captures these handy hints in a collection so we can share them with Rural Roomies everywhere!

If you’re willing to get involved, we’d love to see your ‘tidbit’. Handwriting is very unique to the individual, so it would be a nice touch if you could write your tidbit on paper and send a clear photo of it as a direct message to Rural Room or upload and tag it with #countrylifetidbits so we can collect, share and grow our ‘tidbit’ reservoir. Please include your name, town & state (see examples from Rural Room Media Stringers below). 

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Your tidbit might have been passed down to you or something you’ve discovered that is like the cherry on top! 


Tidbits are golden sentimental details stored in your memory, often revisited & never forgotten. 

Cartoonist Kate Rutter is a farmer’s wife, mother of two and situated on the Liverpool Plains. Her art is influenced by rural life, farming, animals and she love’s to add a cheeky bit of humour to my work!

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