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RURAL ROOM is a creative hub designed to highlight regional creatives & bring the voice of the bush to the front through stories from the sticks.

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Rain Dance is a NEW web series set in regional Australia!

Rain Dance is a trans-media series about two best friends in a shearing team, set in regional WA. The series currently being developed by New Media Production Company Cockatoo Colab in partnership with Rural Room, it will be filmed in 2019.

It’s a hybrid experience - the storyline is fictional but many of the character roles will be played by locals who’ll bring their unique selves to the film.

Rain Dance will be launched online and will also be toured around shearing sheds in Australia at the end of 2020.



Rural Room aims to re-wire the feedback loop between city and country, uniting through the exchange of regional talent and stories about creative initiatives in the bush!

Read our April feature by Media Stringer Helen Carpenter about the 26th Public Art Silo feature in Australia in Grenfell, NSW.

Or watch the Ravensthorpe dance video produced by Gabrielle Major and Josh Van Staden

“I see about 300 students a week in the program and I drive about 800kms a week”- Alice Lee Holland International dancer.




Creative talent in the sticks

The Rural Room Media Stringers, is a new-networked media organisation comprising creatives and media makers from all over regional Australia. The Rural Room Media Stringers Network is an invaluable database of established and emerging talent. It’s also an extensive, nationwide co-working space using virtual hang outs and discussion portals to communicate.

The Media Stringers participate in Stringer Sessions - exclusive online workshops provided to give the participants to leading creative specialists. Our March Stringer Session was coordinated all the way from Los Angeles with leading Australian actor, Chum Ehelepola, of Disney’s Mulan, who led an inspirational discussion encouraging the Media Stringers to fully embrace their film aspirations and ambitions.

We know that there is unbelievable talent in the regions and we advocate for increased employment of people based remotely and increased syndication of regional stories. Through the Rural Room Media Stringers Network we hope metropolitan businesses will see the value in commissioning more creators within regional Australia to tell stories through their own, authentic voices, as opposed to sending city creatives into regional communities on remote assignments.

If you make media of any type of media and design – photography, audio, video, design, illustration, writing or journalism, podcasting or acting, live in a regional area, and want exposure for your work, please check out out Rural Room Media Stringers and the Featured Stringers sections on this site and complete the form: Media Stringers


James Read


The Rural Room regional pop up activator!

The Rural Room Agri Arts Activator will be launched in 2019 and will tour to different regions when we are working in a community.

We would love you to register for us to visit your community through the Agri Arts page


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COVER IMAGE above PHOTOGRAPHED BY ange coote, rolling stills

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Australian towns are full of stories, characters, tensions, harmonies, histories and reasons to celebrate both successes and resilience of working through tough times. In this project we are looking to uncover a unique side to regional towns and will add contributions over time.

See the first stories here

TOWNS is an initiative developed by the Rural Room Media Stringers to creatively release the raw, colour, beauty and hidden stories within towns across regional Australia. We’re launching TOWNS with an array of stories from our Stringers Jennene Riggs, Dorothy Henderson, Rosie Henderson, Jess Lehmann, Helen Carpenter and Kate Rutter.


Make a cuppa & settle in for some special stories from the sticks!


Danielle Maugher