Rural Room is a community designed to co-create media with regional Australian communities to nurture their aspirations in media making, film, design and the arts by releasing local resourcefulness and natural innovation.



Here at Rural Room we are committed to taking media and story telling opportunities to remote and regional Australians as there are a breadth of stories and charismatic storytellers out in the bush. We reckon the Australian story telling landscape could be greatly enhanced by sharing these stories and the untapped creative talent.  



The Rural Room Facebook Page  was imagined as a virtual porch where people can stop by, kick off their boots and pull up a seat to crack a beer and share a yarn, crawl onto the old velvet couch for a cuppa and comfort or quite simply perch on the step to take a breathe. Rural Room connects regional creative talent from all over Australia. It’s an environment that is both digital and physical and transcends the barriers of geographical distance.



Rural Room generates quality creative projects in regional areas. It brings together regional creative in a pool of talent and connects them to the Rural Room creative projects in local communities and also serves opportunities with project partners that can be worked on remotely.