The beloved Australian BnS Ball is being revived… in Yaraka

Written & photographed by Kate Davies

Over the decades, throughout Australia, the Bachelor and Spinster balls (or BnS Balls as they’re affectionately known) have become popular events in country areas.

BnS balls were once part of the intricate fabric holding communities together, important events on social calendars, bringing people together to dance, meet, talk, socialise – a temporary escape from the ordinary of everyday living and pressures.

Some people have met the love of their life at the local BnS Ball- they’ve married and had children, and so the cycle continues.

Somewhere back in this long history the reputation of the BnS Ball was tarnished. Added to this, the increasing costs of public liability insurance and the changes to liquor laws saw some of the highly anticipated balls demise.

However, the worldwide interest in all things vintage, combined with a vision by an emerging generation has given hope to their communities – the BnS is experiencing a revival.

This new generation is embracing the challenges and breathing life back into rural communities, they’re also polishing the tarnished reputation of the beloved BnS

Enthusiastic young people like Tiffany Davey and her Yaraka B&S committee members are continuing the traditional values and purpose of the BnS Ball. They’ve overcome the obstacles to stage the event and will donate funds to raise awareness of mental illness.

So, here we are at Kiama Park, Yaraka, in central west Queensland, for what was a brilliantly organised event, the second after a 25 year hiatus.

I had never been to a B&S Ball before. This was an experience not to be missed. So follow me on this journey while we find out what this B&S revival is all about.

Check out some of the images of the Yaraka BnS here

Rural Room's video coverage of Yaraka's Mulga Rats & Gidgee Brats BnS Ball 2017 brought to you by Kirstie Davison of Mariki Media she captured all the colour and all the incredible people who brought this event to life & all the amazing people who enjoyed the event!